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Something more about me

​I was born and raised in Italy, and then started travelling the world, working and living in Ireland, Norway, Argentina, the USA. I currently am in Berlin, where I have been living for 12 years.

Thanks to my studies, continuous education, and extensive experiences abroad, I deeply understand linguistic and cultural nuances. 

Fun facts:

My family name means "cat"!

I am married to an American and our child is growing up trilingual.

At home, in our everyday life, we interchangeably speak English, Italian, and German.

I love playing the "Spelling Bee" in the New York Times ;)

I love baking - especially bread (we never buy it anymore)!


How I Work

  • Listening: Understanding your needs is crucial

  • Reading: To thoroughly understand your material

  • Quote: I’ll send you a quote​

Once the quote is approved, I'll move on to:


  • Research: Preliminary terminological research is crucial – I’ll take care of that for you

  • Questions: In case of doubts, I’ll get back to you. Experience has tought me to NEVER try and guess!

  • Translating/editing

  • Delivering: Always on time

  • Revising: in case you need me to implement some revisions


2006: MA is Conference Interpreting and Translation, SSLMIT, University of Trieste, Italy

2014: Master’s Degree in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language (ITALS); University “Ca’Foscari”, Venice, Italy

2018: Certification by the American Translators Association (ATA) for English into Italian translation


And ongoing continuous education...

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