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Stetoscopio sul cardiogramma

Life Sciences and Medical

Translator and Interpreter
English and German to Italian/Swiss Italian


Whether you are a healthcare professional or a patient, I am here to help you with all your




In a field as vast and complex as that of medicine and life sciences, know-how and accuracy are paramount. 

A mistake can prove very costly and may put the safety of patients at risk.​

With me, you are in safe hands.


How Can I Help You?


English to Italian/Swiss Italian and German to Italian/Swiss Italian.

I carefully read your documents/website/texts, research any unknown terminology and consult with you.

My objective is achieving a translation that does not sound like one, strictly complying with all applicable regulations (e.g. EMA, MedDRA, Swissmedic, etc.).

At your request, I can have it proofread by a trusted colleague - for extra safety. 



I proofread existing translations (done by someone else), to make sure they are error-free, i.e. they do not contain any typos, spelling mistakes, or inconsistencies.


Do you need to make sure your style and copy are perfect for your target audience? I also offer copyediting services of Italian texts, and occasionally of English ones (in collaboration with English mother tongue colleagues).



What is that? Making sure that your content is specific to your target audience's country and culture, as if it had been written by "a local", adjusting units of measure, country-specific references, etc.

This applies to every text, but especially to websites or marketing materials.


Simultaneous, consecutive, community English to Italian and Italian to English both live and remote interpreting.

Working Fields

General medicine

Articles for medical journals (also online); medical manuals

(for specialists and the general public); patient information leaflets

Clinical medicine

Patient discharge letters; medical records; GP letters/medical reports; clinical/imaging results; patient questionnaires (including electronic migration of paper legacy patient questionnaires)

Medical devices

User manuals and specification sheets (especially for cardiovascular surgery and

orthopaedic surgery related products and devices)

Pharmaceutical field

Clinical trials-related documents (Informed Consent Forms; Study Protocols; Investigator’s Brochures; Clinical Trial Agreements; Case Report Forms; Patient Information material; etc.); Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs); drug labels; Patient Information Leaflets; Standard Operating Procedures


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); Product Inserts; User’s Manuals; IFUs for laboratory instruments; IFUs for diagnostics kits (also for veterinary medicine)


Marketing materials/Websites

medical products and devices


Other scientific topics

Research papers and articles and... more

Meet Daniela

About Me

Since 2010, I have been supporting scientific entities, pharmaceutical companies, and patients with translations of highly specialized medical and scientific materials (research papers, clinical trial documentation, PILs, medical records, laboratory results, SDSs, and much more).


- 2006: MA in conference interpreting and translation, SSLMIT/University of Trieste (Italy)

- 2018: Certification by the prestigious American Translators Association (ATA) for English to Italian translation.

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Image by Sarah Dorweiler


I do translate a variety of other topics. Just send me a request for a free consultation.

If I cannot take care of a job for you, I will gladly refer you to a trusted colleague, also in other language combinations!

Emergencies are an integral part of our work. Luckily, when we are in need of a professional translation, we know we can count on Daniela's swift and qualified services.

Dr. Marco Annoni
Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, CNR (Italy)

Daniela is a very competent translator, who listens, fulfils all client’s needs in a professional manner. Notwithstanding time pressure and very demanding working conditions, Daniela always works accurately and delivers on time.  Thanks to her reliability and communication skills, she will be an asset for your projects.

Philippe Abt, Project Manager, Lionbridge

I’ve worked with Daniela for a bit over 5 years (as of 2020 [...]). She really is a joy to work with. She’s thorough and great with communication, and she has a friendly and collaborative attitude. As for her knowledge-it’s outstanding. We are translating medical material and her expertise shines. We have never had a client quality complaint with Daniela.


Senior Project Director,
US Translation Agency

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Tel:   +49 (0)175 9089094 

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